Snapsave - Snapchat saver for Android

Snapsave is the ultimate Snapchat replacement app.


Save snapchat pictures

No timer running down, can view as long as you want or save to gallery.

Save snapchat videos

No timer running down, can watch as long as you want or save to gallery.

Snapchat stories saved

Saved to in-app gallery that you can browse. It doesn't clog your phone gallery.

Mark as Viewed if you want

You can notify sender that you viewed by clicking Trollface icon.

No root needed

Your Android phone doesn't need to be rooted to use this app.

Familiar user interface

This interface is practically the same as the real Snapchat app.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does the app cost?
    The app is 100% free but it does have some ads.
  • Why is it only available here as an APK and not on the Play Store?
    Snapchat keep getting our app shut down by Google. So we can only offer it here and not on the Play Store.
  • Why a trollface to mark snap as being viewed?
    It was just the first thing we used as an icon to mark viewed and we've stuck with it. We might change it as users don't seem to like it!

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